About Us


Our construction based background started in 1986 building Custom Homes throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As the housing market began to change we shifted our focus to individualized services. A primary objective of our business has been to offer roofing services to repair and replace existing roof systems on both commercial and residential projects. Green Eagle also offers installation of entire roofing systems for new construction projects.

Texas is one of the nation’s leading states in weather related insurance claims. Insurance remediation has become a very viable revenue source for our company because of the sheer number of catastrophic weather events that sweep our state every year. Roofing, both new and existing properties, has been the primary focal point of our company for over 6 years. We pride ourselves in remaining a lean and focused organization so that we can always remain fiscally competitive and we take personal responsibility in the supervision, sequencing and production of each one of our projects. We are one of the very few “hands on owner” companies in the industry and it keeps our quality control goals at the top of the charts.

Green Eagle Roofing and Construction is a company dedicated to offering skills and services that blend to the needs of the consumer in both the commercial and residential marketplace. This philosophy has allowed us to ride the ebbs and flows of the economy and construction trends over the last several years. We are a value based organization that is flexible when it’s feasible and we adhere to the time tested axiom that “a good deal benefits both parties”.

We have satisfied customers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee and are expanding into other parts of the country daily.

We look forward to earning your business.